Trinidad coconut turnovers

Coconut Turnover by Trini Cooking with Natasha

There are so many different kinds of coconut desserts in Trinidad and Tobago that it was hard to pick which one to include! These turnovers are basically a swirl of cinnamon and coconut filling wrapped inside a fluffy white bread roll.


trinidad black cake bakealong

Trinidad Black Cake by HomeMade Zagat

This is a Trini version of the black fuitcake that is made in many different Caribbean countries. The recipe involves soaking dried fruit in a large quantity of rum and cherry brandy for at last a week before baking the cake. Some people even soak their fruit for a year beforehand.


trinidad currants roll bakealong

Currants Roll by Simply Trini Cooking

A currants roll is similar to the coconut turnover, except that it’s currants and cinnamon rolled up in a flaky pastry.


trinidad gulab jamoon bakealong

Trinidad Gulab Jamoon by Anita’s Circadian

Trinidad has a large Indian population, and Indian cuisine has heavily influenced Trinidadian cooking, including its desserts. Gulab jamun is one dessert of Indian origin that is very popular in Trinidad and Tobago. It sometimes has a different shape and texture than traditional gulab jamun, as in this recipe.


trinidad coconut sweet bread bakealong

Trinidad Sweet Bread by Cooking with Ria

This sweet bread is filled with coconut, dried fruit, and spices.